Below are listed agencies or individuals I believe provide a unique or valuable service.

Home Page of the Institute for Rapid Resolution Therapy:

Home Page for International Center for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy:

Go to Hushmail for free, secure, encrypted email communications.

Go to Vsee for free, secure, HIPPA-compliant video conferencing:

Caring Transitions: helping with senior moving and life transitions.

Delta Family Counseling: Tara Moser and her team provide excellent counseling for children and families. Play therapy and pet therapy offered,

ACT CLEANING is a specialty clean up company that takes care of very challenging and unusual situations with kindness, sensitivity, and thoroughness. is best starting place for those outside the US seeking immediate help

http://www.psychcentral is a very popular, time-tested hub for support and vetted info on various psychological and mental health topics. Please be aware, most support group sites are not encrypted and your participation may be publicly visible.

Go to the following link to see other treatment resources in Florida and elsewhere: