Services for Hoarding Behaviors

Mark A. Chidley, LMHC, CAP provides professional consulting services in both animal and object hoarding situations. Many situations fall in a grey area, and family or other interested parties may not be sure it is truly hoarding or if it is time to act. These often present an ideal opportunity for early intervention and prevention before matters reach a critical stage. Or you may have been trying to get a loved one to change for years and are skeptical that anything can still be done. Often some progress is possible.  Please call and discuss your concerns and needs or if you simply need further information.



The following range of consulting services are offered:


Therapeutic Services can take the following forms:

  • Initial Assessment Using Accepted Tools in the Field and Providing Immediate Recommendations for Emergent Situations
  • Management and Monitoring of Harm Reduction Agreements
  • Counseling for Those Who Hoard or Those Affected by Hoarding
  • Coordinating Service with Other Providers or Agencies
  • Moderating Family Meetings or Harm Reduction Team Meetings
  • Preparing for and Enacting Clean-Outs
  • Distance Counseling by Skype within Florida


  • Assessments   $200-300 depending on size of property and complexity of situation
  • Consultations  $80 per hour
  • Counseling       (either through Skype or in person) $80 per hour
  • Intensive Clean-Out Coaching and Counseling: Voluntary Intensive Clean Outs will enlist a team of people committed to harm reduction. The counselor will assist and coach members of the team and the homeowner. These are usually extended efforts lasting at least one business day and will be charged at the rate of $500 per day. A minimum of one counseling session is required prior to the intensive clean-out to ensure the home owner is making choices voluntarily and with awareness of the impact sudden changes in their environment may have on them.

*Note Medicare does not pay LMHC’s in Florida. Please click the Rates and Insurance tab for further explanation.