Healing Trauma

Get the Help you Need to Move Past Trauma and Reclaim Your Life

First of all thank you for taking the time to stop here. I want you to know I appreciate what you’ve been through and know something about the struggle with

• unhelpful anger or anxiety that puts a burden on relationships
• the repeating imagery of old wounds or unsettled conflicts
• the quest to sleep better or calm unpleasant sensations
• the numbing, avoidance and disconnection from life

There’s a path out of the thick woods that trauma or PTSD leaves one in, and it’s called Rapid Resolution Therapy. In as little as a couple sessions, it’s possible to begin feeling comfortable, back on track, with thoughts, feelings, and behavior working coherently and in your own best interests.

So much of the time as a therapist I see folks struggling on their own or groping their way through a frustrating mental health system that keeps returning them right back to square one. I see a future that is right around the corner, where you can be the best spouse, the best parent, the best friend or co-worker you can be, with creativity, performance, and productivity on line once again, able to trust yourself and others, with mind, body, and spirit working harmoniously, authentically,  and purposefully  . It would be my privilege to be the one to take you along the path to that bright future.

The ravages of trauma don’t stand still and I don’t want to see you pay the high price of inaction. Please think it over,  and sometime,  during the next couple of days, if you think I could be of help, please drop me an email or give me a call.


CERT_MAST_PRACT_COLOR_FINALTo reserve your spot right away call me: at (239) 728-1886, or you can follow this link to my client self-scheduler:   https://mark-chidley.clientsecure.me. Finally, you can email me at mchidley@gmail.com.

Tired of trying to fix your relationship by yourself?
I also offer help to couples, whether your relationship is in crisis
or just needs a little tuning up.  

Marriage counseling, couples counseling, and marital therapy used to be a long, arduous process with uneven outcomes. I’ve learned it’s not about negotiating a better deal or learning communication skills. It’s not about more novelty, a jazzier sex life, or understanding the deep recesses of your partner’s childhood. None of that works, but I’ve found something that does.  It’s about the safety and trust that comes with secure attachments. That’s what makes us resilient as a species and makes a relationship sturdy for the long haul, one that can stand up to the changes and challenges that life throws at you. Emotionally Focused Therapy is a method that really delivers for couples. Its positive outcomes have been verified many times over through disciplined, credible research. I share it’s premise that love is not a maudlin sentiment, an unattainable dream, or a random mystery that we fall into and out of. Love is life’s highest purpose, and a secure love relationship is nature’s survival code, the foundation for mental health and physical well-being. With EFT, we’ve cracked that code and have a road map to help couples  gain the security they seek and create the relationship of their dreams.